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Logixs Journals, a premier open-access publisher, is dedicated to expanding the global reach of research. Our mission is to connect cutting-edge research with a worldwide readership while upholding the highest standards of scholarly ethics.

Our platform is a crossroads for diverse academic fields, actively promoting the growth and worldwide recognition of innovative ideas. We are committed to offering a nurturing space where research from diverse disciplines can grow and make a significant impact.

Keeping pace with the dynamic research landscape, Logixs Journals leads in adopting advanced publishing technologies. With a strong emphasis on quality and ethical integrity, we are a reliable partner in the academic community, driving forward the dissemination of impactful research.

What We Offer

1. Policies & Guidelines

Our partners are provided with technical assistance in determining the scope of a journal, selecting a title, managing graphic design, formulating the editorial team, writing a guide for authors, and drafting editorial policies.

2. Flexible Submissions

Our e-Manuscript Manager (eMM) is an easy-to-use online manuscript submission system that simplifies daily journal activities. It offers transparent and real-time progress tracking and can include additional metadata fields.

3. Editorial Screening

We assist publishing partners by verifying submissions for plagiarism, keywords, references, and author credentials. This ensures that the editorial office receives only screened manuscripts that meet an author's guide.

4. Peer Review Management

Our editorial model is transparent, with the Editor-in-Chief making final acceptance decisions. Manuscripts are assigned manually via the eMM system, and journals can opt for open, single- or double-anonymous peer review.

5. Reviewer Finder Tool

Our tool matches publishing partners with global field experts, updated continuously, with their educational background, expertise, verified publications, institutional affiliation, and review history for optimal selection.

6. Post Peer Review Screening

We ensure that every accepted manuscript undergoes screening checks for files, reviewers, peer review reports, material, and quality. A dedicated editor is assigned to each manuscript to ensure the quality of the publication.

7. Invoicing and Collection

We provide financial management services to publishing partners, including collecting manuscript submission fees and publishing charges, issuing invoices, managing discounts and waivers, and ensuring tax compliance.

8. Production Management

Manuscripts are typeset and copy-edited, and proofs are created within one week of acceptance. The author(s) receive the proofs for possible corrections. The editorial team and authors can track real-time production progress.

9. Publication

Post-production files are uploaded to the journal's website under the 'Ahead of Print' section. Upon DOI issuance, manuscripts are moved to a regular or supplement issue or proceedings for permanent, free public access.

10. Indexing & Abstracting

We oversee the journal's indexing, abstracting, archiving, and preservation in trusted digital repositories, along with managing the website under the domain while reflecting the journal's identity.

Why partner with us?

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

We offer a cost-effective solution to managing peer-reviewed journals. Our fully managed publishing system reduces in-house resources by up to 50%, enabling high-quality content without compromising your budget.

Retain Ownership

Retain Ownership

Our systems offer high-quality services with complete editorial control and ownership for publishing partners. You retain full ownership, and we operate your journal to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

Marketing Support

Marketing Support

We expand your research's global reach with expert marketing support. Our team provides ongoing promotional assessments and handles social media accounts on behalf of our publishing partners for optimal exposure.

Our Streamlined Onboarding Process
Journal Development

Our dedicated Journal Development Editor (JDE) will guide you through the entire publishing process. JDE will work closely with you to define the scope of your journal, select the journal title, draft editorial policies, provide author instructions, choose peer review models, finalize the peer review process, and design the journal cover page.


Our user-friendly onboarding process includes assigning your journal a unique domain and hosting services. You will also be paired with a dedicated Editorial Assistant (EA) who will assist you in recruiting editorial board members for your journal. This step is designed to provide you with a hassle-free experience while understanding the implemented workflows.

Launch Your Journal

Once all the requirements are met, we will launch your journal and add it to our collection of Logixs Journals. We ensure that each journal we launch caters to the needs of the targeted community. Our team will also devise a promotional strategy for your journal through one-on-one discussions with you to maximize its reach and impact.

Publishing Your Journal

All journals published with Logixs Journals follow the fully Gold Open Access (OA) model. We strive to publish your journal content on our hosting platform within 21 working days after typesetting, light proofreading and adding smart metadata tagging for improved findability. Publication of journal content is subject to the author(s) and editorial team's consent.

Gain Visibility

We strive to make your journal content widely accessible to readers, authors, and librarians through content discovery platforms. We also offer additional services to enhance the findability of your journal. Our efforts are geared toward maximizing your journal's visibility and impact.

Journal Growth

Your dedicated Journal Development Editor (JDE) will help grow your journal in submissions, usage, and citations to prepare for indexing in major databases such as Scopus, PubMed, Clarivate Analytics (core collections, current contents, other), Index Medicus, and DOAJ.

Our Support

Our dedicated team provides continuous support and advice to ensure your journal's success. We offer regular training sessions to improve the efficiency of your editorial board, reviewers, and editors. Additionally, we provide detailed journal statistics for performance reviews.

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