BPMR Releases Inaugural Volume

The Bulletin of Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Research (BPMR) is pleased to announce the release of its inaugural volume, Volume 1, 2022. This milestone marks a significant step in our mission to provide a scientific platform for national and international researchers to share their latest findings in pharmaceutical and medicinal research.

Volume 1 features a comprehensive range of articles covering various interdisciplinary fields, including pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, basic medical sciences, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, and pharmacy practice. Highlights from this volume include an in-depth analysis of "The Role of Natural Polymers in Drug Delivery Systems" and a detailed study on "Innovations in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology."

The journal also presents original articles such as "A Comparative Study on Antimicrobial Resistance in Urban and Rural Healthcare Settings" and "Evaluating the Efficacy of New Anticancer Agents." Additionally, this volume includes insightful reviews and case reports, enhancing our understanding of critical issues in pharmaceutical and medicinal research.

BPMR is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to fostering the exchange of innovative ideas and advancements in pharmaceutical and medicinal research. Our commitment to high-quality, impactful research is reflected in the rigorous double-anonymous peer review process overseen by our dedicated editorial team.

The publication of Volume 1 highlights the collaborative efforts of our editorial board, reviewers, and contributors led by Patron Prof. Saeed Ahmad and Editor-in-Chief Dr. Asif Mahmood. We extend our gratitude to all those who have contributed to this achievement.

We invite researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to explore the valuable articles in Volume 1 and contribute to future editions of BPMR. For submission guidelines and more information, please visit our website.

Explore Volume 1 of BPMR: Click Here

We look forward to continuing our mission to advance pharmaceutical and medicinal research through high-quality, impactful research.

December 31, 2022