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Understanding Journal Metrics

When authors select a journal to submit their manuscripts, they often rely on journal metrics to assess the quality and impact of the journal. However, relying solely on metrics may not provide a complete picture of the journal's standing. To gain a comprehensive understanding of a journal's performance and reputation, it's essential to consider a variety of metrics and other factors.

The Journal of Basic & Clinical Medical Sciences (JBCMS) recognizes the importance of providing authors with comprehensive and up-to-date metrics. JBCMS updates its metrics annually at the end of January. These metrics include usage, reach, citation metrics, speed, acceptance rate, total article views, and cumulative downloads. By considering a range of metrics and other factors, authors can gain a nuanced understanding of the journal's impact and standing in their field.

Crossref Cited-by Metric

JBCMS utilizes the Crossref Cited-by Metric to assess the scholarly impact of its published articles. This metric quantifies the influence of research by tracking citations received from other Crossref-registered works. It offers a direct measure of an article's academic significance and its integration within the global research ecosystem, providing valuable insights into its reception and relevance.


JBCMS evaluates several speed metrics to reflect the journal's efficiency at various stages of the publishing process. We calculate median values for these metrics, based on the previous calendar year, to include the time from manuscript submission to the first decision, the duration of the peer review process, the time from submission to acceptance, and the time from acceptance to online publication.

Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at JBCMS is calculated as the percentage of manuscripts accepted for publication out of all manuscripts that have received a final decision over the last calendar year.

Total Article Views

Total article views measure the cumulative number of views for all articles published by the journal to date. This metric highlights the journal's overall visibility and the continuous interest in its content, serving as a key indicator of its reach and the impact of its publications on the research community. 

Cumulative Downloads

The cumulative downloads metric quantifies the total number of times all articles published by JBCMS have been downloaded to date. This metric highlights JBCMS's impact and its role in disseminating research widely within the academic community. It reflects the journal's enduring relevance and its contribution to scholarly discourse globally.

Editorial Board Composition

JBCMS is committed to diversity and inclusivity across its editorial board, reflecting this in three key metrics:

a. Number of Editors

Demonstrates our multidisciplinary approach and commitment to comprehensive subject coverage.

b. Geographical Distribution

Highlights our global perspective by including editors from diverse countries, promoting international collaboration.

c. Gender Diversity

Showcases our commitment to gender balance, contributing to equitable and inclusive decision-making within the journal.

Readership Map

The readership map visualizes the global reach and impact of the journal's articles, showing the geographic locations of readers. This tool helps understand the journal's audience and the global impact of its articles.

Authorship Map

The authorship map visualizes the diversity and distribution of authors contributing to the journal, representing their geographic locations. This tool is essential for assessing the global reach and impact of the journal's articles and understanding the diversity of its authorship.