Pharos University Hosts International Poster Competition

Alexandria, 17 May 2023 - The Medical Laboratory Technology Department, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology at Pharos University in Alexandria, is pleased to announce a one-day poster competition for international researchers to present their scientific work at their esteemed forum. The local competition will take place on 18 May 2023, while international participants, particularly those from Pakistan, are encouraged to submit their submissions by the extended deadline of 25 May 2023, considering the local law and order situation.

This event provides a unique opportunity for researchers in the medical field to showcase their innovative work and contribute to the advancement of medical laboratory technology. The competition welcomes participants from around the world who are engaged in cutting-edge research and are eager to share their findings.

"We are excited to organize this poster competition," said Assistant Prof. Bassma Elwakil, Organizer of the International Poster Competition. "It serves as a platform for researchers to exchange knowledge, foster collaboration, and promote scientific excellence in the field of medical laboratory technology."

To register for the poster competition, interested researchers can visit the registration form at the following link:

Register Here

The form will require participants to provide relevant details about their research work.

The poster competition will feature presentations and discussions on various topics related to medical laboratory technology, including novel techniques, research methodologies, and advancements in diagnostic practices. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with esteemed professionals and researchers in the field, fostering a collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment.

"We encourage researchers worldwide to participate in this event and contribute to the collective knowledge in medical laboratory technology," added Prof Doreen Younan, Head of the Medical Laboratory Technology Department at Pharos University in Alexandria. "We look forward to welcoming researchers from diverse backgrounds and witnessing the impactful work they present."

May 17, 2023