Dr. Jahan Named JBCMS Editor-in-Chief

The Executive Board of the Journal of Basic & Clinical Medical Sciences (JBCMS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Shah Jahan as the new Editor-in-Chief. Dr. Jahan is a distinguished academician and researcher, presently serving as an Associate Professor at the University of Health Sciences in Lahore. With a distinguished career in the field of health sciences, Dr. Jahan has made substantial contributions to both academia and research.

Dr. Jahan's academic journey has been characterized by his dedication to fostering excellence in education and research. In his capacity as an Associate Professor, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the curriculum and guiding the next generation of healthcare professionals at the University of Health Sciences. His dedication to teaching and adeptness in effectively conveying complex medical concepts have garnered his students' respect and admiration.

As a prolific researcher, Dr. Shah Jahan's work spans a wide spectrum of topics within the realm of health sciences. With an impressive count of over 150 publications to his name, his research output reflects his profound engagement with critical issues in the field. He has consistently contributed to advancing medical knowledge through his extensive research endeavors. Dr. Jahan's research impact is underscored by an impressive citation count, with more than 1973 citations attributed to his name. His h-index, a gauge of research influence and productivity, stands at an impressive 27, while his i10-index stands at an outstanding 56. These indices testify to the substantial reach and impact of his research contributions.

Dr. Shah Jahan's research interests encompass diverse areas: public health, medical education, clinical medicine, immunology, and infectious diseases. His work underscores his commitment to tackling real-world healthcare challenges and contributing to the betterment of society at large. In summary, Dr. Shah Jahan's career stands as a testament to his resolute dedication to health sciences, education, and research. With a substantial body of work, a plethora of citations, and a robust academic presence, he remains a driving force in advancing medical knowledge and shaping the future landscape of healthcare.

Under Dr. Jahan's leadership, JBCMS looks forward to furthering its mission of disseminating cutting-edge research in the field of basic and clinical medical sciences. His extensive experience and commitment to advancing health sciences make him an ideal leader for JBCMS, and the journal is excited to achieve new heights under his guidance.

October 14, 2022