About the Journal

Welcome to the Journal of Medical Practitioners (JMP), owned by the Central Institute of Family Medicine (CIFM). CIFM is a registered organization that promotes family medicine and educates family physicians. CIFM, with its headquarters in Lahore, Pakistan, operates seamlessly through its district chapters spread across the nation, ensuring widespread coverage and effective implementation of its initiatives.

The primary focus of CIFM is to provide comprehensive support to family physicians through various initiatives. These include organizing training programs for family physicians, facilitating Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities, promoting Continuous Professional Development (CPD), offering Train-the-Trainer courses, and providing preparatory courses for postgraduate family medicine exams. Additionally, CIFM actively engages in teaching undergraduate students, fostering a strong foundation in family medicine.

CIFM plays a vital role in establishing clinics for family physicians and assisting them in practice management. Through its subsidiary, the Central Council for Family Practice (CCFP), CIFM conducts inspections of clinics and hospitals, affiliating them for family medicine training. Moreover, the Central Council for Postgraduate Studies (CCPS) under CIFM is responsible for training and recruiting faculty members specialized in family medicine throughout Pakistan.

Recognizing its expertise in the field, CIFM also extends consultation and advisory services to both government and non-government medical teaching institutions on matters related to family medicine. Moreover, CIFM offers capacity-building short courses to other postgraduate trainees, focusing on research, synopsis and dissertation writing, and publication.

With the launch of the JMP, CIFM aims to advance family medicine by disseminating high-quality research and practical insights. We invite researchers, healthcare professionals, and academicians to contribute their valuable work to our journal and contribute to the growth and development of family medicine as a vital discipline in healthcare.

Join us on this journey as we strive to promote excellence in family medicine, foster collaboration among medical practitioners, and enhance patient care through the JMP.