CIFM & Logixs Publishing Alliance

The Central Institute of Family Medicine (CIFM) is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration agreement with Logixs Journals, a renowned publisher in the scientific community. This partnership is set to revolutionize the publication of the Journal of Medical Practitioners (JMP), a key initiative aimed at promoting family medicine and supporting family physicians. CIFM, with its extensive network across Pakistan, is dedicated to educating and supporting family physicians through training programs, Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and more. This collaboration signifies a commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and providing healthcare professionals with access to high-quality, peer-reviewed research in family medicine. By joining forces, CIFM and Logixs Journals aim to foster a robust platform for the dissemination of groundbreaking research and practical insights that can contribute to the enhancement of family medicine practices and patient care.

June 26, 2023