CIFM's Open Access Journal Launch

The Central Institute of Family Medicine (CIFM) is pleased to announce the launch of its official publication, the Journal of Medical Practitioners (JMP), on the innovative Logixs Journals open access platform.

JMP is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that aims to meet the emerging needs of practitioners, scientists, and policymakers who serve communities. In response to the evolving landscape of global health challenges, JMP provides a platform for disseminating original clinical and educational research relevant to primary care specialties, practicing clinicians, residents, and all those involved in health promotion and primary care.

JMP welcomes submissions across various medical specialties, particularly emphasizing family medicine. The journal covers topics such as managing common diseases, disease prevention, travel medicine, health promotion, disease screening, geriatrics, medical ethics, family medicine education, nutrition, epidemiology, public health, healthcare systems, and practice management. We encourage the submission of original articles, reviews, case studies, case reports, viewpoints, communications, letters, and commissioned editorials.

The journal is dedicated to supporting medical practitioners, specifically family physicians, in delivering evidence-based optimal care at both primary and secondary levels. JMP prioritizes addressing the needs of underserved populations and aims to improve health indicators. Additionally, the journal emphasizes environmental health, including the impact of climate change on human health.

JMP strives to provide academically rigorous and clinically practical information for primary care physicians, advancing family medicine as a specialty. The journal also caters to the academic needs of various healthcare professionals, including urban general practitioners, rural physicians, surgeons, community health workers, emergency physicians, occupational physicians, and public health specialists. Moreover, JMP has a dedicated section for publishing findings from conferences, workshops, and similar events, ensuring the dissemination of knowledge from important scientific gatherings.

With its broad scope and commitment to high-quality research and practice, JMP aims to advance healthcare by providing a platform for sharing valuable insights and promoting evidence-based care. This launch reinforces CIFM's dedication to enhancing the practice and education of family medicine globally.

October 28, 2023