About the Journal

The Academy for the Advancement of Science, Education & Research (A.A.S.E.R.) is a vibrant organization contributing to research, training, and consultancy across a diverse range of disciplines. Our commitment lies in promoting excellence in education and advancing scientific knowledge in fields including, but not limited to, medical sciences, allied health sciences, public health, rehabilitation sciences, dietetics & nutritional sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, and a wide array of subjects, such as accounting and finance, economics, anthropology, behavioral sciences, business and management sciences, supply chain management, computer sciences, engineering sciences, environmental sciences, psychology, social sciences, and humanities.

Beyond our consultancy services and the publication of scientific and academic journals like the Journal of Social & Health Sciences (JSHS), A.A.S.E.R. is deeply engaged in community-based healthcare initiatives. One of our flagship initiatives is the Haiderabad Town Clinic in Sargodha, Pakistan, a primary healthcare facility that prides itself on offering quality healthcare services to the local community. Our aim is to establish a network that ensures the availability of quality primary and preventive healthcare for all community members while also fostering a research-driven environment that encourages young researchers to undertake studies utilizing our primary healthcare facility. Through a blend of public health research and community healthcare efforts, we are dedicated to enhancing healthcare services and outcomes in the region.

At A.A.S.E.R., we also offer a comprehensive suite of online, onsite, and blended courses tailored for students, academic institutions, corporate bodies, and various organizations. These courses are designed to augment workforce capacity, enrich student competencies, and promote lifelong learning. Our expertly developed business and technical courses empower companies, governments, and nonprofits to advance by integrating learning into their core strategies.

A.A.S.E.R. is committed to leading the way in education, research, and consultancy services across an extensive array of disciplines. We are dedicated to providing a wealth of services and resources to uphold our mission of fostering excellence in every endeavor we undertake.