Prof. Umar Farooq Named JNAHS Editor-in-Chief

The Executive Board of the Journal of Nutrition & Allied Health Sciences (JNAHS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Prof. Umar Farooq as the new Editor-in-Chief. Prof. Farooq is a distinguished academician and researcher, currently serving as a professor at the Department of Food Science & Technology, Muhammad Nawaz Shareef (MNS) University of Agriculture, Multan, Pakistan. With a remarkable career in food technology, Prof. Farooq brings extensive experience and expertise to this esteemed role.

Prof. Farooq holds a Ph.D. in Food Technology and has successfully undertaken 15 funded projects as principal or co-principal investigator, amounting to 110.51 million Pakistani rupees. His impressive research portfolio includes 69 international peer-reviewed publications with a cumulative impact factor of 135.231. In addition to authoring two books and contributing 11 chapters to edited volumes, Prof. Farooq has presented his work at various national and international scientific forums.

In his current roles, Prof. Farooq serves as Chairman of the Department of Food Science & Technology, Additional Director of the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC), Principal Officer of Academics, and Chairman of the Admission Committee at MNS University. His leadership extends to supervising numerous M.Phil. and Ph.D. students, fostering the next generation of researchers in food science and technology.

Prof. Farooq's research interests encompass food microbiology, food nutrition, food safety and quality, and food science and technology. His dedication to advancing these fields is evident in his extensive body of work and his contributions to academia and research. His expertise and commitment to excellence make him an ideal leader for JNAHS.

Under Prof. Farooq's leadership, JNAHS looks forward to furthering its mission of disseminating cutting-edge research in nutrition and allied health sciences. The journal anticipates significant advancements and new heights under his guidance, ensuring the continued growth and impact of JNAHS in the global scientific community.

February 13, 2023